Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rabbit it is

We awoke early to get to the hospital at 7am.  We hurried up and got there at 7:30... to wait.  The bed wasn't ready.  Luckily, we only had to wait for an hour before going to the room, but by that time, mom wasn't the happiest camper.  I think she just wanted to get it over already.

Things moved slowly and the infusion didn't start until around 1 or 2 pm.  They had to run a skin test on her to see if she would have a serious reaction to the thymoglobulin, which she didn't.  They then premedicated her with benadryl & prednisone (steroids) before starting the infusion.  For the past 4-5 hours, she's been laying in bed getting an infusion of thymoglobulin.  We were lucky in that she didn't show any serious reaction to the infusion.  However, after about 3 hours, she started feeling pretty nauseous, so they gave her some more nausea medicine, and now she's sleeping soundly.  She should be done with the infusion around 7pm.  We'll do the same thing tomorrow, although the infusion will more than likely start earlier in the day.

The emotions have run the gamut today.  Anxiety at the beginning of the day, followed by anger/annoyance with how slow things were moving, then boredom since she was just laying in a bed receiving drugs, then the discomfort of nausea, and now beautiful sleep.

Thanks for everyone's support.  Mom has loved everyone's comments on the blog and emails that she has received.  It gives her something to do when she bores of talking to me, reading Ana Karenina or playing Spider Solitaire.

In front of our tree in the townhouse before leaving for the hospital

Her smile masks her displeasure with having to wait


  1. Glad to hear there was no serious reaction to the infusion. Rabbit + Wanda = good combination.

    Tommy and Jimmy recommend the Talking Santa ap. It's an entertaining diversion when you're on a losing skid with Spider Solitaire.

    We love you! peace @

  2. I'm so glad you got the rabbit infusion. Hmmm. Sounds like something Billy Crystal would have asked in The Princess Bride, as in "would you prefer the horse's behind, or the rabbit infusion, My Lady?" They'd better do a better job of catering to YOU today. (I thought AAA gave Vandy a five star rating?)Seriously, you are in my thoughts and prayers for healing.