Tuesday, December 14, 2010

All Aboard

As mom said, today was the last day of the outpatient chemo.  Tomorrow, she'll be inpatient until after the transplant.  We don't know how bad these next two days will be, but the nurses have prepared us for the worst.  They don't know if she'll have a reaction to the rabbit (or horse) derived drugs, and they don't know how severe the reaction will be.  The nurses say that she could have high blood pressure, chills, high fever, and/or hives.  We should know very soon after the infusion starts whether the next 2 days are going to be from hell or not.  Some people have suffered very mild reactions, whereas some (very few) end up in ICU.  The infusion will take between 4-6 hours, depending on how she's reacting.

This is also the first day so far that mom has felt more-than-minor effects of the chemotherapy.  We spent the last day of freedom for a month by visiting the wig store yet again, this time to get pictures of the wig options.  I've posted a poll on the right side of the blog, so please vote for which wig mom should get if/when her hair falls out.

Wish her luck!


  1. I'm glad you went shopping on your last day of freedom for a while...how appropriate! Love the adventurous wig. WhooHoo!

    I'm confident that the combination of your positive attitude, the skill of your nurses and doctors, and the amazing generosity of your donor (and the rabbit or horse of course!) will result in a successful transplant. Good luck and lots of prayers. We love you!!

    PS - Case, you rock!

  2. Why not go adventurous with the wig. I love that look! We're all with you in spirit as you undergo the infusion and transplant. We're thinking peaceful thoughts, and are praying for strength for you and for your family. What an amazing gift you are about to receive! Peace and Love, Trish

  3. Wanda, definitely Adventurous Wanda! Although
    Usual Wanda looks awfully pretty. Wise Wanda looks a bit too much like Loretta the Librarian.
    You and your family are constant in my thoughts and prayers, and tomorrow, I will pray extra hard and send good thoughts your way.
    And "ditto" Annie - Case, you do rock!