Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Match Made in Heaven

I keep forgetting to tell my family and friends about my "match made in heaven." He is twenty-two years old and has lived abroad, or may be currently living abroad. He is an American citizen, and the nurse intimated that Europe is the place where he has/is living. She seemed to think that a fun reunion in a desirable European location might be in my future. That sounds terrific, and I will be excited to have such an event to look forward to, but all I really want to know is:
  • How much hair I will grow and where?
  • Will I have the potential muscle tone of a 22 year old?
  • Will this tired face tighten up with the blood of a 22 year old being produced in the marrow of my bones?
  • How much testosterone can a mature woman enjoy?

Does anyone remember that Carly Simon song with the lyric "chills my bone right to the mar-a-row?"

Seriously, I am so impressed that a 22 year old young man would be willing to donate his time and stem cells to a mature woman such as me. Whoever he is and wherever he is, he is my Hero, right up there next to my fabulous family and friends! Today, though, I am praying especially for HIM!

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