Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 60 Day 61 Day 62 Day 63

The days are flying by now that I'm on the downhill side, and I even got to go home last weekend! I rode back to Signal Mountain with Leeann on Friday afternoon and did not come back until Monday afternoon, in time for my 8:00 AM clinic visit on Tuesday morning.  Pat and I kept a low profile ( I didn't go out of the house on Saturday!).  I must admit I was a little nervous about it and did not want to come back here with an infection or a fever.  I am trying to keep up my unbelievable record of no days in the hospital and no steroids or transfusions, and you guys know how competitive I can be!  Guess I will be coming home most weekends now as long as I don't get sick or show signs of GVHD.  And, as the weather gets better, I'm sure I will be getting out more on the weekends at home. I look forward to seeing my many friends on Signal Mountain as the Spring progresses.

Wish I could say that all my "free" time is productive.  I am still walking whenever it is not snowing or too cold.  I still take a nap every day.  Currently, I go to clinic twice a week, which can take up to four hours, and I will be starting PT twice a week on my shoulders, which have been bothering me for the past month or so.  Otherwise, I talk, I eat, I sit.  I have no movie reviews this week, but I am ready for the Academy Awards this year with all my personal picks.  I haven't been motivated to read or write, and knitting takes more concentration than I seem to have right now.  Sitting is good, I think!

My caretakers and I try to make the most of each day.  Last week I made Leeann help me with some facial waxing.  It was a hoot, and something for her to add to her book of lifetime adventures.  It seems my donor might have passed on a little facial hair to me - we'll see.  Since the weather has been springlike this week, Martha and I have been able to walk a lot.  My legs are still fairly strong, but my arms . . . let's just say that Karla, my friend and trainer, will have her work cut out for her when I am able to return.

Otherwise, not much is new.  The doctors have praised my progress so far and that makes me feel good.  On Day 60 they draw drew blood for some detailed testing, but I won't know the results until next week. Most days are routine and unexciting (hence there is not much to write about), looking back over the weeks, I can certainly see the progress I have made. I am hopeful that the weather will stay no colder than "cool" and for the next 5 weeks to unfold uneventfully.  In this situation, boring is good, and I look to the positive - springtime in Nashville will be beautiful, and I don't have to worry about my yard so I can just enjoy everyone else's.
Leeann performing her caretaker duties . . . laundry???  Guess we didn't tell her about that!

Leeann packing the care for my first trip to Signal Mountain since December 6.

We worked a Yellowstone puzzle and dreamed of good hikes and great sights.
Martha and I walked A LOT this week.  Maybe I should wish for winter excuses . . .

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 51

Yes! Finally I'm on the other side of the, uh, hill? Why is that
GOOD, or even NEW news? Day 51 means that I've been at Vanderbilt
University Hospital for 61 days, and that I am over half way into my
100 day "watch and wait" after transplant. I still have to go to the
clinic, but I go only two days a week now unless complications arise.
The headaches are better, but not gone. The nausea is better, but
not gone. I have a few achy tendons, which are a nuisance because I
cannot take anti-inflammatory medicines--they mask fevers. My biggest
complaint is that my energy level is running a little low; that can be
frustrating, especially when I want to do more than I have the stamina
to do. They tell me that my energy will come back - something about
being patient...

Last week my caretaker was Imogene (aka Mighty 'Mo). We talked so
much that I forgot to take her picture slaving away over the kitchen
stove. For our break from chatting and eating, we saw Blue Valentine,
Ladies No.1 Detective Agency, and Hangover.

Pat comes every weekend. We watch movies, too. We've watched classics
from a friend's library--Vertigo, Tootsie, The Maltese Falcon, to name
a few, and one we'd never seen, A Night to Remember. We also watched
a good foreign film, Nowhere in Africa. Since I haven't been
interested in reading, it has been great to have movies to pass the
time and entertain. I am really ready for the Oscars this year.

This week I am "playing" with Leeann, who came on a big plane from
Jackson, WY. We are going to plan my next adventure to her little
piece of paradise. She brought a Yellowstone puzzle to get me in the

The posts have slowed because there is not much to report. Now it's
just a matter of perseverance and healing this drug-poisoned body. I
have done so well, but my little gripes and pains are just to remind
me how serious this procedure is and how lucky I am. Prayers can do
so much, and I thank you for continued prayers for my return to
energetic LIFE.