Tuesday, December 7, 2010


We arrived into Nashville last night at around 11 Nashville time.  It is freezing here -- the thermometer says 25 degrees.  Yeesh!

The townhouse where mom will be staying for the next 110 days is actually pretty nice.  It's two stories and has two bedrooms.  We didn't do much last night, aside from get all of our stuff inside and set up my computer.

This morning I did about 2 hours of work before we made our way to the hospital - mom for some tests, me for caregiver training.  We'd watched the caregiving dvd before, so nothing was really new, but it was interesting to see what other people are going through, and how they're coping.  There were 3 other donor supporting groups in the room.  One had MDS that had turned into AML and had a related donor,  one had lymphoma and had a 10/10 unrelated match, and one had ALL (not sure if they said their donor status).  None of them looked like they were doing that well, but they all seemed optimistic about their chances.

After the training, we came back to the townhouse before heading to lunch at the San Antonio Taco Company.  We enjoyed one of the last meals out that mom will have for a while.  After lunch, mom was proud to guide me to a Target and Publix that were a good ways away, based solely on her memory from when she lived in Nashville in the early to mid 70s.  Pretty impressive.

I just finished cooking my first of many meals for mom.  Chicken, brocoli, green pepper, onion, soy sauce, and rice.  Yum.  I'm looking for recipe ideas, so please post some in the comments.
Mom in her Christmas gift - a zebra print Snuggie!


  1. No doubt you'd be stylish, even in your Snuggie! Just a reminder that I'm at your beckon call if you need anything whatsoever! Please don't hesitate to call me.
    Case - next super easy recipe - Foil Baked Chicken
    boneless chicken breasts
    olive oil
    sundried tomatoes
    chopped Kalamata olives
    sald & pepper
    aluminum foil

    Create a foil pocket for each chicken breast. Place chicken on foil, add salt and pepper, drizzle w/ olive oil, tom., olives, and basil (as little or as much as you want of all ingredients) Fold foil in half over chicken and seal on all 3 sides by folding edges. Pop in oven at 450 for 20 min. Let stand 5 min in foil then serve. So easy and so tasty.

    Love and prayers to you all,

  2. Oh, my! Zebra print snuggie seeks leopard print slippers? Peace, Trish

  3. No, no, no! Zebra snuggle seeks Zebra slippers. I must protect my individuality, after all. Case is impressed that both you and Pam noticed the significance of his gift. In truth, he looked for a leopard, but zebra and camo were the only Signal Mountain CVS choices!