Friday, December 17, 2010

Daisy Row

We owe our positive-sounding subject line to one of our friends who thought for a while that mom would be undergoing chemo to prepare for 'daisy row' which in my mind sounds less apocalyptic than 'day zero.' So far things are coming up daisies. Mom is officially neutropenic, meaning her white blood count is lower than low and ready for the transfusion scheduled for 1:00 this afternoon.

The day has started off well- Case got to sleep in and get some rest while dad came over early, and I (Callie) got to bring over the hairdryer to make sure mom is looking at the top of her game for the big day. They dont have a hairdryer on the floor because so few people have hair. I felt a little guilty firing it up to be honest--I know people in adjoining rooms could hear it. But I got over it and she looks amazing! She's showing me up big time in her crossword puzzle pjs and her light up Christmas light necklace (thanks Annie).

I'm watching mom take pill after pill and shot after shot in preparation for the big show this afternoon. Thanks for all your notes, prayers and thoughts. We are praying things will continue going well.

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