Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day -3

On Day -3, Case and I find ourselves once again in the outpatient chemo lab. This weekend we had it to ourselves, but on weekdays, it is a very busy place.
Yesterday I began getting two drugs, and while we are still enjoying time together, we are seeing the signs of working our way to the bottom. Bright and early tomorrow morning, I check into the hospital for two days of monitored chemo before DAY ZERO. Scary, huh? I think it's too late to turn back now (another song, but I'm not singing it for you right now), so full steam ahead.


  1. Full steam ahead indeed! Just sent you an email about advent and geraniums. peace.

    p.s. - You know me, I prefer horses!

  2. I believe, I believe, I believe I'm falling in love. All these songs to get stuck in my head. Thanks a lot. Though the one that's stuck in my head the most came from Case--not the blog. It's 'Should've been a Cowboy" Go horses!