Thursday, May 8, 2014

Wonder Woman, Indeed

Callie here!

Mom appears to be living up to her snuggie image. 

Good reports from hematology (her factor 8 counts are up after one week of rituxan). 

Progress on the speech therapy--though she certainly has word retrieval problems, she is having fewer, and her natural speech pattern is coming back as she is getting better and better at coming up with different words to get her point across. And she just got back from a lap around the ICU with a walker.

The stem cell transplant/oncology team is heartened by her returning strength and improving blood work. 

The plan now is to start up the dacogen (chemo light) on Monday or Tuesday, assuming things continue to trend upward. She'll get five days of treatment and then have the rest of the month off before another round of dacogen in June.

Next Friday or Saturday she will hit the benchmark of 21 days that the neurologists want to see before discharge. The stem cell team thinks that sometime the week of the 19th will be the appropriate time to discharge for inpatient or home health physical therapy and the continuation of monitoring, transfusions, dacogen, etc as necessary.

Thank you all again for all your thoughts, prayers, cards and videos. We have gotten so many compliments on the crane mobile that now mom wants me to get origami paper to start making her more cranes (I am not sold on this idea).  Dad just got up here with the portable DVD player, and we have three seasons of Glee to look forward to (thanks Trish!). The nurses are VERY impressed with the number of cards that mom continues to receive. She looks forward to the mail delivery each day.

We are feeling hopeful that the dacogen will put the leukemia in remission, but mindful that the success rates are not wonderful. Mom just wants to be able to be home in Chattanooga (to see many of you), and every day that seems more and more likely.

Crane mobile from friends in Denver!

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