Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Wall of Cards

Mom moved out of the ICU and in to a room on the oncology floor and is now in room 10601. Due to the incredible amount of mail Mom has received, the mail room has so far had no trouble recognizing her name and forwarding mail.

She and her friend Marty started decorating and ran out of tape, so I brought more with me today and finished covering the portion of the room that we are allowed to use tape on. We got at least half the cards up, and she has enjoyed re-reading them all as we pulled them out of the bag to put them up.

So thank you!

She's had two of the five days of chemotherapy, and so far so good. She's walking without a walker and her speech is sounding incredibly normal (both in cadence and in amount of conversation).

We've got a good team here, and we hope that things continue to be uneventful.

Many hugs,

1 comment:

  1. Your relocation is such good news!
    Your fan mail gives new meaning to the phrase from Cheers--"where everybody knows your name!" You do make your mark everywhere you go and never, never blend into the woodwork--we love you for that, my dear. Hang in there Wanda. Hugs🍀