Monday, May 5, 2014


Callie here.

I thought I'd write to say hello and let you know how things are going high atop the Critical Care Tower.

We've been in wait and see mode the past few days. Kit and Demian left on Saturday, and Mike and Davis left this morning.

It's been a bit up and a bit down emotionally, but we ended today on an up note. There was a hot shower, a real coke (what a waste diet coke is...), a hair dryer, a curling iron and beach music. And now there are rumors she is going to start one of her beloved crossword puzzles soon.

It is times like these that make it hard to accept this prognosis.

We have a few benchmarks to meet before deciding the course of treatment.

Tuesday or Wednesday, the neurology dept will be analyzing a new CT scan to see if they think we are mostly clear of the danger of vasospasms and various other neurological issues. It will be the neuro dept that decides how long we get to hang out in this lovely room.

Wednesday, the hematology team will be checking to see if the treatment (Rituxan) they are giving to help mitigate the coagulant inhibitor is having any effect yet. Though they don't expect to see results in just one week, they are nonetheless hopeful. Regardless, mom will get another infusion of Rituxan on Wednesday.

Also Wednesday, the oncology team will be conferring with hematology to try to decide what timing makes sense.

Like Goldilocks, it's all about having things 'just right' here. We don't want to wait too long to begin one of the chemotherapy options, but we don't want to start too soon and risk bleeding.

Mom continues to get stronger, and we've taken a few trips out to the atrium outside the ICU ward. Obviously she is the best dressed patient.

Atrium swimsuit and knee sock competition

Mom and Davis

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