Friday, May 16, 2014

Jail Break

Mom got to bust out of the hospital today. We walked down to Hillsboro Village to have lunch at Provence, where either we miraculously still had money from a gift card from 3.5 years ago (thanks Margha!) or the woman didn't know what she was doing, got frustrated and gave us the food for free. I knew better than to push my luck by inquiring about the remaining balance.

I think the doctors may have been rewarding her for using the exercise room they have here in the immunosuppression wing.

She is ready to get the heck out of dodge. 

It sounds like early next week they may be ready to discharge her to an outpatient situation up here in Nashville. They are not comfortable with her leaving entirely, but I think the set up will be similar to what she did when she was here for the transplant--live in an apartment, come to the clinic every day or two for tests/platelets/chemo as needed.

This type of arrangement would likely last until after her next round of chemo, which I think will wrap up in early to mid June. 

They haven't dealt with this hemophilia/leukemia before and want to be sure that they know as soon as possible if a bleed develops. The numbers weren't quite as good this week as last in regards to bleeding, but the hematologist still says he is happy, so we're sticking with that. 

Today is the fifth and final day of this first round of chemo. The sun is shining.  Mom got to go outside for the first time in more than three weeks. It's a pretty darn good day.

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