Monday, May 19, 2014

Leaving the Hospital

We are leaving the hospital today!  We've been here 24 days and are happy to move on to the next phase of what will hopefully continue to be a recovery.

I remember realizing three weeks ago that we were going to be lucky to get out of this mess with just leukemia. That was such a bleak realization then that I remember exactly where I was when I thought about that. And though it is still a grim prognosis (and we have the added complication of hemophilia), I feel so blessed that Mom got her mind back.

Knowing that she is mentally and physically present to take on this fight gives me much more hope than we had two weeks ago.

We will be discharged today to a suite hotel here in Nashville. Mom will come in every day this week to be evaluated at the stem cell clinic and to receive transfusions and the hemophilia treatments (rituxan, cytoxin) as needed. On Friday the doctors will decide whether to keep her up in Nashville longer, or to discharge her to the care of her Chattanooga doctors. She would still undergo lots of blood checks, transfusions and treatment there, but at least she would be home.

They will decide down the road whether they want her to come back up for the next round of dacogen, or if that would happen in Chattanooga.

So this week, we are praying that she continues to gain strength and that the doctors make the right decision for her. I know we hope that is Chattanooga, but we'll understand if they want to keep her up here.

Thank you for your love and support. I can't wait for her to wake up from her nap so I can give her this new stack of cards. She has talked a lot about how many times she has read each one (when we get bored we go through them all on the wall). So thank you, thank you.

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