Monday, August 18, 2014

Thanksgiving in August

Another blog from the one who needs a ghost writer?????
Yes indeed!!!!!
It's all because of the dreams.   I dream about thank you notes and compose them in my subconscious. I remember the adjectives I used to describe a delicious "lite" pie or a scrumptious roast.  I remember the gratitude I expressed to a friend  who spent the day with me  in the infusion room while I get a transfusion (although if you like to chat, those stark rooms and lots of waiting certainly provides time to catch up on a great variety of topics).   The problem with these "mental" notes is that for many of them, I cannot remember looking up addresses.  That's where the dream theory comes in. Did I really write the note or was it a dream?  Is this a result of chemo brain, or is it just my random personality asserting itself?  No matter!  I just want all the Warriors to know that whether you received a tangible note or if you where lucky enough to get a "dreamy" one (They were sooo nice!), my family and I appreciate you.  We are going to back off meals so we can use up some things in the freezer, although meal train will be reactivated should the status quo change.  I will still be calling folks to drive me to appts. Let me know if you'd like to help in that way. I love folks stopping by to visit, and if you don't donate blood, you might consider it. I am so grateful for all the support I have received from so many people. It has been a dream come true.  Knowing so many folks care is truly the "silver lining" in the
clouds that have hovered since April. Wanda's Warriors are the best!

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