Monday, June 9, 2014

Words from Wanda

It's been a busy two weeks since I got home. Visiting the doctor, checking blood, getting 
platelets . . .  That is the "not so fun" part of this adventure.  The fun part is receiving your cards and notes of good wishes.  I couldn't help it--I put them up with clothespins around the den.  Getting to look at them and re-read your notes has made me feel surrounded by love.  Thanks to all of you for your support.

The other fun thing is the wonderful conversations I have had with many friends.  Yes, I need meals and drivers, but the conversations, both informational and philosophical, have sustained me.  
Last summer I was able to get Davis for a week for summer camp at GranT's house--just Poppy, Davis, and me.  While at Vanderbilt, I told Callie that if I got to go home, she needed to bring Davis for a Summer Camp 2014. They got here last Tuesday and leave tomorrow.  Not the same, but as close as we could get considering the circumstances.  The "half full" reality was that it was great getting to spend quality time with Callie when Davis was napping or sleeping.  Gray clouds . . . silver linings.

At camp we have played hard and rested hard.  We enjoyed a safari at Citico Wildlife Wilderness near Sweetwater with some other grandbabies and grandmothers.

We took him on his first boat ride down the Tennessee River.  He liked the boat, but he LOVED the golf cart he got to ride at the end.  

He loved the rails at the Chattanooga Valley Railroad Museum so much last time that we did it again this year.

He's gone swimming, played in the sprinkler, walked the block, made new friends his age, met many of GranT's friends, and had brunch with Callie's long time friend, Laura Dugan. Sunday everyone but Poppy had a two hour nap. When Callie told Davis that they were going home tomorrow he said, "I'm going to miss everyone at GranT's house. But we can play with them when we come back to GranT's house later."

It has been wonderful to have Davis here, but it's also hard to not be able to chase him around as much as I'd like to.  I'm hopeful for Summer Camp 2015!

Today I started my second round of dacogen, and as the chemo began to drip, lightning struck our house. I'm not sure yet if it is a good sign or a bad sign of things to come, but I'm hoping a good one. The flash and noise terrified Callie, who was in the house, and it fried a bunch of semi-important appliances (AC, washing machine, garage door openers, anything EPB, and we have a hole in the drywall of the utility room where we had to stop a leak that was also a result of the "hit").  So far the house is still standing--no fires, no one hurt.  I'm looking for the silver lining in this event--maybe it'll be a new washing machine (Mine is at least 30 years old!).

I am kind of in limbo right now, which is why the posts are less frequent.  I'm stable and able to do many things with care.  I don't know what we would have done without help with meals.  Pat is stretched to the max.  I appreciate that meal planning has helped not put either of us over the edge. 

Please know that I think of you all daily and thank you for all your love, help and support.


  1. You are a most remarkable, wonderful, and beautiful woman as well as an inspiration. God bless

  2. What a wonderful week with Callie and Davis. They both are silver linings as you are, Wanda! Thank goodness all is ok with the lightning strike. New appliances are always a silver lining! :-) You are just one hot mama overflowing with electric energy, Wanda. :-) I think of you very often, and hope that you will be up for a visit soon. Would love to bring you and Pat a delicious meal. You have to remember that my meals are always prepared with professional hands (and most definitely not my own!). Sending you lots of love and hugs! Keep strong! :-)