Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

Case tells me that it has been a long time since I have posted on the blog.  Did you assume that life was just uneventful?  Did you think maybe I had expired and you just hadn't heard?  If your answer to the first question was YES, you are right!  Here's an update for those of you I don't see around town!

Every week since I have been home from Nashville, I have observed tiny steps of progress toward becoming my old self again.  Some examples:
  1. I just finished six weeks of therapeutic massage.  That, combined with returning to workouts with Karla, the trusty exercise guru, and the steroids that I began taking several weeks ago (for GVHD), has resulted in much less arm pain and better mobility.
  2. The doctors are having me taper the medicines.  I am off the Celcept -- no problemo.  Then we started on the GenGraf.  That is when GVHD reared it's ugly head.  Steroid medication is the treatment of choice for GVHD.  It works, with the added benefit of helping my arm muscles relax and feel better.  The negative it that I'm starving all the time and gaining weight.  Ugh!
  3. I am beginning to have more energy.  I finally put the rest of the stuff away from the Nashville apt.  I even had Pat help me clean out our"nothing" room, which lately has been our "stuff it" room.  I'm getting up earlier, not napping as much, and sitting around less.
  4. I still cannot drive due to continued medications.  This is a real bummer.  I really thought I would be driving by now, but alas.  Pat and my friends have been great about carting me around, but enough is enough.  Hopefully, I'll be driving in another month or so.  It all depends on GVHD as I continue to taper off the medicines.
  5. I have been out in larger groups lately, but it is summer time, we've been outdoors, and the groups have been all adults.  I don't know what restrictions I will have once it cools off, we go inside, and cold and flu season starts.  I know that the doctors are not ready to release me to return to school this fall---maybe after the holidays.  Who knows?

That's all there is to report.  I haven't been anywhere or done very much, but I am blessed by feeling just a little more like myself each day.  I go back to  Nashville monthly, and this Fri is my August appointment.  I am hopeful for a good report!

To all you my friends that are starting a new school year I sent special thoughts.  It is very weird to not be focused on a new school year right now. Guess I could read some of those professional books on my shelf...

Love you all,
Mid July

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  1. So glad you posted--I'm glad to have the update as I've been wondering about you. Not worried really, but definitely wondering! You've come a LOOOOOONG way baby!!! Just think where you were last summer with all the decisions ahead of you.

    Love you!