Monday, April 4, 2011

Home at last

You might have noticed that the long awaited Day 100 came and went without much hoopla from me.  Case blogged a week or so ago to inform my special friends of the "bump" that came up on Day 95 with respect to my white blood cell counts. That week reminded me of the Limbo--how low can you go? Amazingly, as of last Wednesday, those unpredictable counts were back in the normal zone.  I will have them checked here in
Chattanooga tomorrow.  Here's hoping they are still at an acceptable level!

No matter, the acute care SCT clinic has dismissed me to the long term clinic.  I have an appointment with Dr. Savani, my personal favorite member of the SCT team, this Friday in Nashville, of course.  If all is well, I may not have to make the Nashville trek for a couple of weeks.  That WOULD be nice.  Meanwhile, I am still concentrating on drinking enough liquids and building up my energy, which seems to be at an all-time low.  I think I will be more and more active as the weather warms and I adjust to a new routine with different possibilities.

Today was the first day since Thanksgiving that I have spent the entire day by myself.  It might get lonely since I still cannot drive, so I would welcome phone calls, visits, or a walking companion on nice days.  Just give me a call! This process is a long one.  Thanks to all of my friends who have hung in there with me with their prayers and good wishes.  Keep 'em coming. I do see a light but the fight isn't over yet!  It's great to be home!!

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