Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Less than 25 days and counting!

Now this IS ------ THE FINAL COUNTDOWN! And I am beginning to think about life beyond my Nashville apartment, which is kind of scary since with the 100 day celebration will come the reality that I might have to start taking care of myself, Pat, and my normal life routines sooner than I would like! You see, reaching Day 100 does not mean I miraculously will feel myself and will be at 100% of my energetic old self (my caretakers think I'm about at 25% of my normal energy, with somedays less). But after Day 100, I will be at home, thank goodness, with bi-weekly trips to Vanderbilt. I won't be able to drive due to continuing meds, but I will be tapering some of the medications, which might help with energy and feeling good. And I will be able to visit with healthy friends in small groups - that will be the best part!

Meanwhile, it's more of the same. Getting down enough fluids continues to be challenging for me and my caretakers have to be on me constantly. Maybe warmer weather will make it easier. I am constantly reminded of how lucky I have been during this process - it absolutely could have been a devastating experience, so my little aches and pains seem trivial. I will say, however, I do look forward to sunnier days ahead!

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  1. We have been following your progress with hopes and prayers (realized) from afar. And we are so, so glad you have progressed so well and are glad you are going home. Our thoughts and prayers remain with you.