Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fast Times at Vanderbilt Village

Well it's day 41 here. Mom is feeling better and looking great.

The test results have been coming back good enough that they've been reducing some of the meds. We're currently down to 19 pills a day. Woohoo!

Energy levels are still fairly low, but it seems like that's residual from the chemo. It could also be the gray sky that's been hanging around Nashville all week. But on the bright side, the current doctor on rotation had met mom for the first time last Wednesday and reintroduced herself yesterday because mom was such a different person (last Wednesday was not a very good day). So we are feeling good about that.

They keep saying that if you try to track progress day by day, you'll get depressed. They suggest tracking progress week to week instead. This gives me a convenient excuse for not having posted an update earlier...

Despite low energy levels, mom's been staying awake for full movies--I can't remember the last time she's been able to do that. We've begun a bit of a movie marathon here.

This week we've seen:
Sunday- White Oleander.
Monday- Sunshine Cleaning.
Tuesday- The Fighter (at the theater- with popcorn!).
Wednesday- Appaloosa.
Thursday- we're heading to the theater to see No Strings Attached.

This photo should be taken as a strong endorsement for the iPad. We passed the time at clinic yesterday watching Modern Family (one of the funniest shows on tv these days if you ask me).

And she's allowed to eat at restaurants if she's careful about what she orders (everything cooked) and if we don't go at peak times. We thought of many of you (and dreamed of margaritas) as we walked to Taco Mamacita yesterday.

Thanks for the notes, calls and care packages. We're almost halfway there!


  1. Keep the good news coming!! Good for you, Wanda!! That's some movie watching and awake through them...better than I do!
    Seeing you in Healing Light.
    Lots of love, Edrie

  2. I woke up this morning knowing that today is your last Friday clinic day for January and only one more clinic day on Monday for the whole month, yeah! Let's toss those calendar pages away as been/there --done/that in favor of a much easier February just on the horizon. Miss you, but I'm with you in spirit and walk beside you each day. Hugs.


  3. Come on, Spring! Three cheers for Wanda! I can't believe you haven't watched the boxed set of all seasons of "Dark Shadows" yet. Ahhhhh, memories. Twilight has nothing on that famous Phi Mu tv room favorite. Four o'clock viewing time, as I recall.

  4. I'm envisioning a new career as a movie critic!